Engaging minds, inspiring hearts.

Katarina Blom is frequently invited as a keynote speaker for engagements across the EU and United States. With a focus on relationships, loss, meaning and connection, Kat's talks resonate universally, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend.

🔥  Creating Happiness: Kat's Inspiring TEDx Talk

In her TEDx Talk, "You Don't Find Happiness, You Create It," Katarina Blom delivers a powerful message on the intentional pursuit of joy. Held at TEDxGothenburg in October 2017, this talk has taken social media by storm, amassing 5 million views and 91,000 likes. Join the movement and discover the transformative power of creating your own happiness through Katarina Blom's inspiring TEDx Talk.







About Katarina Blom

Katarina Blom, a psychologist specializing in positive psychology, is renowned for her engaging lectures that bridge the gap between thought and action, promoting happiness and productivity. Regularly booked by various organizations, she provides practical tools for boosting engagement and workplace joy, fostering a positive and sustainable work environment.

As a speaker and consultant, Blom explores the science of well-being, offering concrete exercises for personal and professional growth. Her presentations cover diverse topics, including the evolutionary aspects of human interaction, debunking happiness myths, and building resilience in times of change. Emphasizing the importance of positive action, she equips individuals and teams with practical tools to navigate challenges and enhance overall well-being.

In addition to her speaking engagements, Katarina Blom has featured as a program host in the American reality show "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning," produced by comedian Amy Poehler. Overall, Blom's contributions provide valuable insights into emotions, relationship building, success strategies, and the science of well-being, underlining the significance of a positive work environment.

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